-If you're reporting a bug you need to put your IGN then select Bug and the explain what is the bug and if you can add some more proof with gyazo or video.
-If you'r appealing for an Unban you first put your IGN then you select Unban then you explain what happend:
1.For what did you get banned
2.Who banned you
3.Why do you think you sould get unbaned
4.Gyazo the ban schreen.
-If you'r reporting a player you need to put your IGN then select Report after that you need to explain how was he hacking and if you can provide some video or gyazo evidence.

Bug/Report/Unban Forum

What is your case

What server you're reporting on

Applying for staff!


Do you like this server?

What server you applying on

Did you get banned on any server?

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