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Haven Factions


Haven Factions is a factions raiding server with a lot of features for you to enjoy. It has a small community which we are looking to expand allowing more players to make the server more enjoyable for you guys! We Have a lot of features that I am going to show you in this thread so stay tuned!


So we have a small community who is very active and friendly, if you ever need help or have a question you can always rely on our players to make sure you have the best experience possible. We like to do a lot of community events, such as chat games, for example the first person to answer a server related question might get a few in game goodies or maybe even a donator RANK if you are lucky! We like to make sure our community is kept clean from hackers and toxic players to ensure everyone if having the best time


We have a lot of great plugins for you guys to try out in our server, we ensured we have a few custom plugins to make sure you have something new to face when you come on the server and to make the server stand out compared to any normal server. We also have a lot of cool plugins to make pvp and base building more eventful and easier for you.

Some of the plugins include:

Gen Buckets

Mob Stackers

Obsidian Breaker


These are a few of the many great plugins we have to offer you. So why not come down to the server and see if you enjoy them?


1. No Toxiciy / Racism

2. No Hacking

3. No Glitching Inside bases or outside the map

4. No Duplicating Items

5. Dont Spam or abuse


Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/M9Wufch

Buycraft: http://kambitfactions.buycraft.net/

IP: Play.kambit.club

Team Kambit
Owners: Infinite_Orbit & WurfLeL

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Owners ~ Infinite & WurfLeL
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